The recreational club is another invaluable asset in the rehabilitation process. The club offers the patient social interaction, a recreational outlet and emotional advancement. This social interaction corresponds to Ohr Yerushalayim's overall ideology; restoring the individual to society, rather than leaving him detached from the world in a hospital or on his own. From morning until evening the individual can participate in a variety of enriching activities. The men's department offers workshops and courses in art, computers, gardening, arts and crafts, social games and activities, and current events. Patients also participate in many outings and full-day trips. The women's department offers workshops in arts and crafts, jewelry crafting, aerobics and dance, cosmetics and beauty, cooking, slide-shows and parties. The women also enjoy their own separate outings and trips. The club operates five days a week and is directed by a competent, professional and experienced staff, and is an invaluable asset to the recovery process.

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