60-ton Shabbat Food Distribution3500 selected familiesDistributed weekly acroos 14 cities / settlements
Central Kitchen:All Yad Ezrah Food CentersChef and volunteers working on a daily basis.
Simcha catering3 smachot per weekBris,bar mitzvah,engagement, & others.
Meals on Wheels1,500 meals per day Elderly,disabled , women after birth.
Passover food distribution8,200 familiesfood pacage and matzot.
Soup kitchen120 individuals3 hot meals daily, shabbat, and all holidays.
Life Cycle
Hachnasas Kallah grant & LoanEligible couplesAccording to family's conditions.
Wedding dowry 450 couples per year Brand new linens , blankets,towels.
3 wedding halls 380 weddings per year Considerably discounted.
Apartment rentals 60 apartments for newlywedsIn Jerusalem / low cost.
60-bed post-natal center480 mothers monthlyThe only one in Jerusalem.
Day-care centers8 pre-school groups / 330 childrenTo allow parents to work / low cost.
Talmud Torah and special ed programs205 studentsProfessional staff / low cost.
Dental Clinics20,000 patients per year High quality service / low cost.
Rehabilitation and Guidance
14 Occupational Therapy Workshops: Printing Press Bookbinding Computers Carpentry Food Packaging Sewing & Embroidery 130 mentally maladjusted and institutionalized patients: Thousands given a new chance at life -Constant contact with hospitals -Professional Staff on premises -Builds their self esteem and helps them acquire a profession
Recreational Club150 patients To develop social and communication skills
Supervised living quarters25 patients To provide patients with normal life settings; return stability to family.
Hospital visitsMentally challenged patients To revive their broken spirits through refreshments and cheerful entertainment.
Times of Distress and Crisis
First aid networking and directoryFamilies who don't have the resource or financial means to get the specific help they need.Puts these families into direct contact with the top professionals of their fields i.e doctors , lawyers, financers etc. who volunteer their services at a discounted rate or at no expense.
Acheinu Gush KatifThousands of evacueesProvide food,financial help , and verious other forms of encouragement.
Lebanon war Citizens and soldiers in the North.Provided meals, hospitality, clothing, and immediate relief along with continuous support and joint efforts with Young Israel
Food for kids at risk Approximately 100 children from broken or problematic homes that have been plaed in educational institutionsProvides food for the institutions that house these children but are undergoing financial distress.
Sderot under fireResidents of Sderot who have been under daily rocket fire from GazaProvide food packages of hope and support.
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