Rosh Hashanah

Thousands of people come to Miron for the Rosh Hashana holiday. Yad Ezrah prepares meals FREE OF CHARGE for this large groups of visitors and has been doing so for 45 years. 

Also available are neatly arranged sleeping accommodations. 

The shul on the Yad Ezrah campus is full to capacity with a congregation of 1000. 

Your assistance in feeding and caring for this multitude will earn you credit for prosperity and health in the upcoming year. 

והנה כל היסוד של שלום הבית היהודי הוא היסוד של כלל ישראלת כי הפרט הוא הכללת ועל ידי התחזקות והתייסדות הטובה של הפרט מתחזק הכלל כולו

From Reb Asher Freund

"It is my wish, hope, and prayer that Hashem will answer your personal prayers for all that is good, and He will awaken your heart to do acts of benevolence and charity. May you thereby merit to be a partner and a witness to our final redemption. "

From Reb Asher Freund