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Do not be broken by depression – By: Reb Asher Freund zt”l


The main thing is simple faith and stubbornness, so as not to be broken when one is depressed.

With the same breath that G’d reveals Himself to you, you should live with Him in his distress of His children. Who live with needless hatred and in all the different evil ways which disturb G’d’s connection with us.

Then G’d brings upon us an awakening of His pain, so that we can participate in His pain and so that there will be a place for Him in the world of asiyah, our world, from which the life force of all the worlds stems.

His mercy

When G’d does not have a part in this world below, we have no nurturing powers from above, and all the springs are stopped up. And as G’d has mercy on his creatures, He causes us to have pain and suffering, so that we will cry to Him and arouse His mercy on His nation, and redeem us soon.
Rather than crying out from the depth of our hearts that there should be an end to all our troubles and that we should remain silent about all our pain and suffering which is the pain of G’d’s love, we cause ourselves to descend into depression and cling to the Evil inclination which is the opposite of holiness.

Hearts depressed

The reason for this is because how little we are submissive, and we waste our lives without any soul searching and descend very low. Because of that we harden our hearts depressed and waste away our soul and our length of days, and lose both our worlds, this one and the next.

We therefore have to be constantly on guard and not to forget for even a single breath about our cleaving to the Creator wherever we are. And to cry out to Him until He takes pity on us and takes us out to the great light. Even from the deepest of the depths He hears our voice (“because You hear the prayer of every voice”).

Words written by Reb Asher Freund zt”l
Menachem Av 5738

It is my wish, hope, and prayer that Hashem will answer your personal prayers for all that is good, and He will awaken your heart to do acts of benevolence and charity. May you thereby merit to be a partner and a witness to our final redemption.

From Reb Asher Freund